Skills are available at the skill dojo.

Skills are attacks that either damages, buffs, or debuffs. Skills can be gained by purchasing with the use of orbs at the Skill Dojo.

Skills are either passive or active. Active skills are usable or clickable during battle which will either cause the user to attack or perform a self buff. Active skills are subdivided into three - Elemental, Body and Mind. Passive skills, on the other hand, are not clickable, but rather, automatic or is already activated at all times.

Active Skills

Active skills are usable in battle. They often require chakra and have cooldowns, so they can't always be used, unlike weapon attacks.

Elemental Skills

There are five elements in the elemental skill division, namely, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Lightning. In the beginning of the game, you are asked of the element of which you will possess; that chosen element will be final and non-changeable and all the skills in that element will be available for you to gain and use. Skills in the other element, however, will no longer be available to you.

Earth Skills

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Earth skills deal moderate to high damage. Most of its effect focuses on making the enemy target more susceptible to damage e.g. lowering the armor, lowering critical dodge, etc.

Body Skills

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Skills of that of body focus more on dealing damage. These skills don't relly heavily on chakra, but instead takes some of the ninjas other stats such as health points, armor, fatigue, etc.


Mind Skills are similar to elemental skills but are available to all users.

Mind Skills

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Mind skills are available to all types of users, regardless of their element. Similar to elemental skills they can buff, debuff or cause other adverse effects.

Passive Skills

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Passive skills are skills that are already in use at all times.They can either boost your stats, increase weapon damage or have other various effects. There are also elemental passive skills which are skills that are only available depending on the user's element.