Potions can be equipped by adding them into the skill slot.

Potions are consumable items which can be used once in a battles; once consumed, it will be gone in your inventory. Potions, when used, heal the user or remove debuffs. These items can be bought at the Ninja Tools, can be won at the Bizarre Bazaar or can be gained through missions or PVP battles.

Potions can equipped by adding them into the skill slot and it will continue to be there as long as you have some in your inventory.

List of PotionsEdit

Here is a list of  potions which can be bought at the Ninja Tools:

Name Coins Gold Effect
Health Potion 180 0 Heal target for 175 health points

Blood Increasing Pill

220 0 Heal target for 200 health points over a moderate duration
First Aid Pack 220 0 Heal target for 250 health points over a prolonged duration
Secret Ointment 450 0

Heal target for 50 health points

Remove all debuffs from target